Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Your Running Shoes Say About You

Way back in the day (and maybe even now) running magazines, books, and websites would tell readers to examine their shoe wear pattern and thus determine their "right" running shoe.

Case in point, this guide found on CoolRunning

I subscribe to a more hands on (feet on) approach involving trying on actual running shoes at your local running retailer, but to each his or her own.

That said, what if your running shoes actually said more about you than if you made the "right" choice? With out further ado, 

What Your Running Shoes Say About You

photo credit: Nike Running

At the cutting edge of run fashion, you like to turn heads. In your book, function and fashion; style and speed go hand in hand. A social runner, you roll with a "crew" that shares your passion for fly kicks and fast clicks. On race day, you like to get out hard and set the pace, forcing the field to follow. You hold on for an honest effort and hope it's enough.

Your spirit runner is Sammy Wanjiru.

photo credit: Brooks Blog

For you it's all about having fun. You want to run your best but not at the expense of enjoying  the experience. Slow or fast; friend or stranger, you're more than happy to chill for a few miles on the trails and shoot the breeze. You like to go out relaxed in races, saving energy for a fast finish. Negative splits are more fun.

Your spirit runner is Katie Mackey.

photo credit: Saucony

Solitary and stoic, you let your legs do your walking and talking. You enjoy putting in work on the roads, trails, and track in relative solitude. A gritty runner, the beat of your feet against the pavement is all the music you need as you cover mile after mile. Confident in your fitness, you race like there's no tomorrow, pushing the pace and leaving your competition in the dust.

Your spirit runner is Ben True.

photo credit: Mizuno Running USA

You are the perfect running buddy. You always meet up on time and like running a predictable pace. Beyond the basics, you believe in your running buds and they know it. While racing, your secret sauce is consistency. Particularly over hill and dale, you ride rolling terrain like a surfer catching waves.

Your spirit runner is Serena Burla.

photo credit: asics america

You connect the dots, the ethic you display on the roads informs the rest of your life and vice versa. Running is as much a part as your personal journey as it is about fitness or achievement. While racing, you absorb the energy of the crowds letting them inspire you as you inspire them. 

Your spirit runner is Deena Kastor.

photo credit: adidas
Perfectly poised, you're all class. On and off the track, you stay focused, keeping your eyes on the prize. Racing, you like to lead wire-to-wire, defining distances and times for yourself.

Your spirit runner is David Rudisha.

End of Part 1 (Check out Part 2!)

So that's it, my take on the kinds of runners that wear the big 6 running shoe brands. Obviously I've left out a bunch of brands, but I only have so much time on my hands!

This is all just stuff I made up based on random images I found on the vendor websites and other vague associations. Did you relate to my take on your brand?

Tweet a photo of your running shoes @danielkittaka using the hashtag, #yourshoes to get your own personalized (made up) running shoe analysis!


  1. Yeah, it is good to examine your shoe wear pattern to determine your "right" running shoe. Most of the popular shoe brands make shoes according to different shoe wear patterns. I always feel comfortable in Nike shoes. What’s your favourite shoe brand?

    1. I wear Nike as a member of the Fleet Feet / Nike Racing team. I enjoy many of their products though the right shoe is the one that works for you. IMO comfort is the best gauge of the "right" shoe I never really look at wear pattern unless it is notable (significant medial wear, etc.).

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