Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Can't Shake Him (Training 9/30-10/6)

For the second week in a row, I've chosen a line from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope as the title for a training post. Sorry. I feel like I've neglected the blog a bit (I've consistently been posting twice per week).

The big story continues to be, "Can I Shake Soreness in my Left Tibia?"

9/30 Monday

After running 2:29 on Sunday with a sore shin, I figured a day off couldn't hurt (this is the start of taper after all).

10/1 Tuesday

I wasn't planning on taking this day off. Got a call/text that my grandpa had a stroke and so I went to visit him in the hospital immediately after work. Was planning on an afternoon workout so I didn't run in the morning. My shin wasn't complaining.

10/2 Wednesday

Morning Run - 1:01 at an easy pace
Decided to try to make up my tempo run in the evening. Ran an easy hour to shake the rest out of my legs.

Afternoon Run - 1:10 at an easy pace
Decided to just run easy with Mark W. Scott, and Rh. I'm more interested in making sure my body doesn't shut down completely by dropping my mileage super low than I am running more MP miles.

10/3 Thursday

Run with Joko - 1:20 at a moderate pace
Did 8x1 mile with Joko in 6:40. Shin loosened up after 3-4 miles and ended with 6x100m strides on the track without pain. I think my shin is loosening up...

10/4 Friday

Easy 10 - 1:13 at a moderate pace
Felt great (other than my left shin which was a little sore & never really loosened up like on Thursday).

10/5 Saturday

Quick - 1:03 at a moderate/uptempo pace
Ran with Cole without a watch. Wanted to get 90 minutes in, but it was pouring. Rolled pretty quick about 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. Ran some 3 minute 1/2 miles and felt pretty good. A tiny bit of weakness in the right hip. The left shin was kind of sensitive.

10/6 Sunday

Run 10 Feed 10 - 10k at ~marathon pace
2 miles W/U with Doug. 10k in ~35:55. 2 miles C/D with Dough. Joe V. PR'd running 7:13 pace for his run!!!

Felt very labored: legs were stiff feeling, left leg hurt. Right hip. Sounds about right for a final marathon workout.

At this point, it seems like I'm losing the battle to take the shin pain. On dailymile, my friend, Dan M reminded me to try nuking the shin with anti-inflammatory drugs for a bit. I'm taking Monday off and taking some ibuprofen in order hopes it will help me shake some of this shin pain as it is clearly causing me to change my form a bit and put more pressure on my right hip.

One week to go!

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