Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not the Lakefront Path (Training 1/20-1/26)

pm - 8 miles easy, Lincoln Square Winter Blitz (Fun Run)!
With Brian, Angelica, Jeremy and a guy whose name I didn't catch (my bad).

am - 2000 yards swimming
I don't recall the workout exactly but a typical w/u: 300, 3x100, 6x50 then a ladder I believe.

pm - 2200 yards swimming, My first day of double swim workouts!
Felt really good in the pool (fast) after the morning's workout. My leg needed a complete off day from running/cycling.

pm - 6.5 miles with 2x10 minutes at ?? in 50 minutes
Yeah, this run was closer to just under 7 miles, but I like to lie round down when logging miles (see Badger Miles). I usually assume I'm running between 7:30 and 8:00 per mile unless it is a timed & measured long run or tempo.

The footing was sort of bad and if it were my workout, I would have canned it for an easy 8-10 miler. It did feel kind of good to get the legs moving, particularly after spending a whole day in the pool.

Travel day. Had a 9am flight to Salt Lake City for the Winter Market Outdoor Retailer show and later on a 7pm dinner Mountain Time.

am - 11 miles in 1:26, City Creek Canyon Road!
Felt good though out of shape out there. Prep for Boston (sort of). Most of the run you're either ascending or descending. Uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back. Ran up to the water treatment plant and focused a bit on running relaxed downhill.

Not the Lakefront Path

am - 14.5 miles in 1:50, Boston 365 Long Run
My stomach was all messed up (probably from traveling). Wanted to be sort of conservative today since I hadn't done back-to-back 10+ mile days since the fall. Footing was bad or whatever.

am - 2000 swimming
Felt awkward getting in the pool at first, but then got into it. Ended up talking to Pam a bit then swam 3:38 for 200 yd which is pretty good for me.

300, 3x100, 6x50, 400, 300, break, 200, 100, 100

~7 miles of activity another crazy week in the books. I'm looking forward to hitting around 50 MPW running this up coming week!

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