Sunday, January 26, 2014

Whoops Already Behind! (Training 1/13-1/19)

I won't labor too much on this as I'm already a week late on posting, but here's what I did for 1/13-1/19.

am - 2200 yards swimming
A conservative estimate on my yardage. I tried to use the Suunto Ambit 2S I'm demoing to track the workout, but it wasn't exactly on point. I also was distracted as there were a lot of other swimmers in the pool and it freaked me out. The last 40 minutes I did: 300 free, 3x100, 6x50, 3x50 pull buoy, 3x50 kick board, and 300 free = 1500 yards.

After my pool workout, I had a massive headache. I ended up becoming extremely nauseous at work, tossing my cookies in the middle of a vendor meeting :D, and leaving early. Got home and stayed in bed for 16 hours.

pm - 8 miles easy, The Long Way Home
After a very eventful Monday and 16 hours of rest, I powered through work and ran an easy 8 on the lake just like old times. I turned a half mile early and ran home instead of back to work.

I don't usually carry a phone with me, but since I was carrying my phone home, I decided to capture a rare running selfie:

Check out those Aframes

pm - 1x1 mile, 4x800, Boston 365 workout in the Zoo lot
It was pretty cold out so I suggested we add a mile at tempo to this workout prior to the 800 reps. Did 1x1 mile at tempo (5:39), 4x800 at ? (2:32, 34, 37, 39). Started way too fast. Happy to have survived.

am - 2200 yards swimming
Swam with Team LT Dream's Eric B. 300, 3x100, 6x50, 300, 2x50, 2x25, 200, 2x50, 2x25, 100, 2x50, 2x25 + 50

This whole ordeal stressed me out. Felt a lot of anxiety about this for whatever reason.

Destroyed after Thursday's stress/anxiety and late evening celebrating birthdays.

am - 12.3 w/ 3 miles at goal MP in 1:23
Ran with Boston 365. 3rd 3 miles at marathon goal pace. Hit 6:13, 5:58, 5:47 with Peter M. blocking the wind on the last half mile.

am - Ran 2 miles to/from the LSAC Pool, 2500 yards swimming
My leg felt really good thanks to proper rest (16 hours on Monday night and taking Friday off after a lot of anxiety were key). I decided to run to the pool just to see how it would feel the day after a long run it ended up being okay.

300, 3x100, 6x50, 300, 2x200, 4x75 hard, 3x50 pull, 3x50 kick, 300 easy. Felt very tired that last 300.

~7 hours of activity including some faster than goal MP work and 4/7 days of running!

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