Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Homecoming (Training 2/24-3/2)

While my undergrad experience was a mixed bag, I will always remember this hallway with great fondness. I started meeting here for runs before classes even started (I think).

am - 4.8 miles at 9:14 pace
The extra time off helped reduce the muscular soreness I was experiencing. Still feel sluggish.

pm - 9.85 miles at 7:06 pace
Good night for a run. Hands were cold, but, you know, that's to be expected. Did secret speed: 8 x 30 seconds starting every 1:30 after I turned around.

am - 9.22 miles at 7:35 pace
Met up with Saxon for a run. Ran my bag to work then Saxon and I ran to Belmont on the path. 3 x pick ups after turning around.

Good training density! Mileage and a little sprinkle of secret speed.

pm - 13.5 miles, 2 x 15 minutes + 10 minutes
Eh. Got dusted in this workout. Did the first 15 minutes at about 5:50 pace. 8 minutes easy. 15 minutes at ??. 5 minutes easy. 10 minutes at ??. It was cold out.

I wish we had done measured distances so I could get a better gauge on the quality of this effort.

pm - 8 miles at 7:53 pace
Felt okay considering last nights workout. About 2-3 miles in I was feeling pretty tired, but I rallied and felt strong by the end. Windy after the turnaround.

In an effort to not let mileage rule my life, practice race preparations, and let my quads (which have been very sore) recover, my plan was to run a pretty typical 1 hour-ish run on Thursday and 6 miles on Friday (no matter how easy it felt) in order to prep for my race on Saturday. 

Why 1 hour, then 6 miles? Based on how I've been feeling, I thought this would allow me to maximize my mileage while still allowing my legs to feel a bit more fresh. It is amazing that 15 minutes fewer can make a pretty significant difference.

pm - 6 miles at 8:20 pace
Did 6 on my Easy 8 course to end up at mom & dad's. I'm actually practicing "tapering." At the end of a long week, I didn't care what pace I was running.

am - Skipped doing a shakeout, didn't feel like I needed it since this race would be later in the day.

pm - 6 miles, 4.39 miles warm up and cool down, 3000m race at the Illinois Club Relays

The ground wasn't covered with snow!

I got to run with old teammates: Declan, Spillone, Frigo, and Ben Zeman!

I got to run parts of old running routes!

It was great. 

We ran our trademark (Jake's) Jack Daniels' warm up: 15 minutes easy (felt very easy) then 5 minutes at threshold.

3000m in 9:33.21 (3:09, 6:23), which was about 1 second faster than last year. Ran very even and moved up the entire race (I don't think I got passed). Full race recap to follow.

am - 18.96 miles at 7:03 pace
Well at least this felt better than last week. The 6 miles to/from the path were very slow 8+ min/mile. Did 10.5 at 6:20 pace and couldn't pick it up at all. This was disappointing. Took a Huma gel at mile 8. No issues.

76 miles for the week in ~9.5 hours. Good volume considering I only ran 6 miles for two of the seven days. 

At this point, I thought it would be wise to reign in my training a bit so drew out a plan for the remaining 7 weeks of Boston Marathon training which I'll post later.

Finally, it was great fun hanging out with the other Illinois Track Club alumni (or Illinois Elite as we like to call ourselves). I'd like to post on the merits of good training partners at some point. Shout out to Declan, Ben, and Mark W!

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