Sunday, December 7, 2014

dailymile Aid: Visualizing Exported Data

I stopped using dailymile because when you export your training log it gets spit out in CSV format which looks like this:

On top of this, run distance is spit out in meters and run duration in seconds.

After learning about SAP Lumira at work and downloading the free home edition, I decided my dailymile training log stretching from June 2011 to June 2014 in CSV format was the perfect data set to load into this new tool.

Here's how to export your data from dailymile:

  1. Click the Training tab on top
  2. Then click the Settings tab on the sidebar
  3. Finally, click export

Once this data is exported into .CSV format, the real fun can begin. I won't go into the details, but I used SAP Lumira to slice and dice data into the following charts (I limited the data to January 2013 through June 2014 which is the period through which I most consistently logged runs (mostly manually) on dailymile):

I ran a crap-ton in summer/fall 2013 (6 consecutive weeks of 90+ MPW). I also got hurt after that; no runs logged in November or December 2013.

As I mentioned earlier I logged a bunch of runs manually which meant I rounded down (Badger miles) to integers. My "average" run was an 8 miler.

I always thought giving your runs a "Feel" was a bit goofy (evidenced by 13.65% of runs during this time period lacking any rating at all), but this pie chart sort of makes them a bit more relevant.

After looking at this data and slicing through it using SAP Lumira, I kind of regret moving over to Strava as now an export only yields distinct GPX files instead of basic run metrics in columns like dailymile. Anyone have experience exporting run data from Strava and doing additional analysis?

Questions or comments?

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