Sunday, December 7, 2014

STRAVA AID: Viewing Lap Splits

By popular demand, I'm putting together a guide to viewing manually split laps on Strava's desktop web-interface. Before I start, I want to show the hardware and software I'm using:

I'm using the Suunto Ambit 2S with Moveslink 2 v 1.2.13

I have my Suunto Movescount account synced with my Strava account. So that's how my data is getting into Strava.

Strava's interface doesn't make it too clear how to view manually taken splits as it automatically calculates moving pace and mile splits in its overview tab:

A 4 x 2 mile workout is a great example of a workout where mile splits and moving time/pace aren't relevant.

The "Laps" tab is right there in front of you, but it is unclear what data lies beneath.

This is actually exactly where you'll find the information (assuming you properly took manual splits) you're looking for (repeat distance/time/pace, recovery interval).

I was pretty indignant that this feature was so "difficult" to find and I've talked to more than one user who was having trouble viewing this information so I decided to create this 3rd Party documentation.

Questions or comments?


  1. Thanks for posting - the ability to view manually split laps had escaped me up until now. Computers are hard.