Monday, September 23, 2013

Do You Know the Way to San Jose? (Training 9/16-9/22)

Didn't quite hit the volume goal I had for the week (I was about 60-90 minutes shy), but considering the amount of time I spend traveling and with family I don't mind too much. I spent 9:24 running (not counting the other stuff like massage).

I also didn't feel like doing another quality session while my sleep and eating schedule was off during travel. Quite honestly I ate a lot while I was away. My family likes to eat! Also my left tibia has been a bit tight and not being at home I didn't want to press things too much.

All in all I don't think this was a bad week, but after a down week and with not much longer until the BoA Chicago Marathon, I was hoping I'd feel a bit better this week.

9/16 Monday

52 Minutes at MP? - 2:13 with 52:00 at about marathon effort
Originally intended to run 5 miles at 5:50 pace with Mark Wehrman, I ended up meeting up with Scott, Robert, Evan, and Mark and getting talked into doing 52 minutes at about marathon effort. Had a tailwind for most of the later half of this harder effort segment which helped, but I felt remarkably relaxed and controlled. Ended up running about an hour more than I originally intended.

9/17 Tuesday

Palmer Square - 1:04 at an easy pace
As easy as things felt yesterday, I paid for it today (that and the extra distance). Everything felt awkward, like I was slamming my feet into the ground. 

I love running here. Ran here for the first time with my friend, Skinny Dan.

9/18 Wednesday

Skokie Valley Line Trail - 1:02 easily
My legs still felt beat and my left shin was sort of sensitive so I decided to run easily again.

As much as I enjoy Palmer Square it is much more relaxing to run up to the Skokie Valley Line Trail as it is quieter and there is much less car traffic. By the way, I hate cars. Just wanted to put that out there. Also it is not too late to start Car Free Week

Also my eating habits were all jacked up specifically I was eating meat AND eating late night snacks (cereal and other crap) before bed when I had to run in the morning.

9/19 Thursday

Skokie Valley Line Trail - 1:00 at an easy pace
Didn't want to risk things so I just ran an hour easily before work & travel to San Jose, CA for my grandma's memorial service on Friday.

9/20 Friday

Los Gatos Creek Trail - 1:02 at a moderate pace
A decent mix of asphalt and some very mild single track .5 miles from the door of where we stayed in San Jose. I was very blessed to be staying at a family friend's house that was just short jog from this fantastic path. On Sunday, I ran 20 miles on this path and had to cross just a handful of streets.

9/21 Saturday

Los Gatos Creek Trail - :50 at a moderate pace
Up late visiting with family & off to another family gathering before people had to leave. Snuck this one in.

9/22 Sunday

Los Gatos Creek Trail to St. Joseph's Hill Open Space Preserve - 2:13 at a moderate pace
Felt good to get a longer run in after just trying to recover from my long effort early in the week and dodging travel and family time.

Stayed on the Los Gatos Creek Trail through Campbell and Los Gatos to the foothills of St Joseph's Hill Open Space Preserve. There were a couple nasty climbs near the turnaround. Never felt great thanks to dehydration and late nights. Also wasn't able to eat properly after. I really wanted to do a long run while in San Jose, hopefully not at the cost of training for this coming week.

Where are some of your favorite places to run?


  1. Favorite places to run? A lot of good ones, but one is the UW-Parkside cross country course.

    1. No doubt! That's a good one. I've never actually raced the course though. Eric, what are your racing plans this fall?