Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's in a Name?

For quite a while now when I had a free moment or two I've had some really interesting thoughts for (running related) blog posts, but due to the fact that I don't really feel like spending 95% of my time in front of a computer screen typing (about running), I haven't written anything down.

I've also really struggled with coming up with a good name/title/direction for a blog. There are a lot of blogs out there. There are a lot of running blogs out there. There are even a lot of Chicago running blogs out there and I wanted to make sure before I started my own that it would offer something a bit off the beaten path (run pun?).

Enter two recent events:

1) A Twitter conversation with one of my running friends (and recent Minocqua No Frills Marathon Champion), @FluencysFolly (Fluency's Folly).

After this conversation, I had a fire lit underneath me to have somewhere not my work blog to send people if I was going to write a guest post (ever the e-marketing mind).

2) The realization that some people (runners) find my goal of running the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon fascinating. I've had a few interactions with coworkers on this and one in particular really likes the idea of an event that has a difficult qualifying standard (sub 2:30) paired with a strict cutoff times (you have to be on 2:27:40 pace through 20km or you risk getting pulled from the course).

Earlier this year the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon was run for the 68th time. I'll probably cover this in more detail in a later post, but it is a very historic event with champions pulled from the all time greats like Abebe Bikila, Frank Shorter, Toshihiko Seko, Paul Tergat, and Wilson Kipsang.

These two recent events have given me the impetus and direction for this blog which may only last as long as my pursuit of this goal (giving it a bit more definition). This also makes coming up with a title a bit easier.

kansai kudasai

(there is no such thing as capitalization in Japanese)

Kansai is a region in Japan south-west of Tokyo on the main island of Honshu. The region is home to Lake Biwa and of course the marathon bearing the same name. Kansai region is also includes Chicago's sister city of Osaka as well as the ancient capital of Kyoto and the ancient, ancient capital of Nara.

I had the really unique opportunity to join my friend Andy for part of his walk across Japan through this region including Lake Biwa:

Lake Biwa from the Omi Ohashi Toll Road

I'll probably share more about that trip at a later time.

"Kudasai," is a romaji (Roman character analog) of the Japanese word most commonly translated as "please." The word expresses a request.

Of course this then begs the question to whom am I expressing this request. Again, I guess, maybe, the subject of another (several) posts in the future.

Any way I plan on updating this blog at least once per week with at the very least a training update similar to my friend Matt Flaherty's blog. You can also follow me on twitter and read the blog I help produce for Fleet Feet Sports - Chicago. Also I guess you can find me on DailyMile.

What's your long term running goal? 

Other than running what did you do today to get you closer to that goal?


  1. I just typed a long comment but Blogger decided to eat it...don't worry, it was wickedly clever.

    Brace yourself for some serious spam from me! So thrilled you're going to be blogging, YOU are a fascinating charater, and I can't wait to follow along! No Pressure, but I am adding you to my blog roll as-we-speak.

  2. Flattery will only get you so far... Thanks though!

  3. I am adding you, too, Dan! I am very interested to hear all of your speedy secrets :) (Love the flow chart, too!)

    1. Super cool. Glad you enjoyed the flow chart! On that topic of disappointment, @JesseMThomas wrote a solid post: