Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Express Post (Training 9/2-9/8)

I was working on a fancy post using approximate efforts and time elapsed to make my training post more universal, but decided it was taking too long (for now at least). I tweaked my right leg running a cross country race and it migrated all over my right quad/hip this week (currently my hip is irritated).

9/2 Monday 

1-4-1 12.88 mi / 01:32
Ran 1600m on the track - 4 miles at Tempo - 1600m on the track. 4 mile W/U, changed shoes at home then: 5:04, 22:27 (5:34 pace), 5:07 (that was tough). Took 3:00 between reps. This is very similar to a workout I did 5 weeks out from Dallas, just a bit slower. Aerobically felt very fit, the legs were wobbly.

9/3 Tuesday 

Shakeout 2.96 mi / 00:25 
Ended up setting up a workout with my Fleet Feet Racing teammate, Kyle Larson today (even though I worked out yesterday). So I decided I should get up and get the legs moving in the morning to be ready to go after work.

5 x 1k on the track 9 mi / 01:10
5.75 w/u & c/d on the path. Did 5x1000m on the track with Kyle. Phew, it was tough. I was fit enough to run this fast or faster, but it was hard for me to really relax and feel good. 3:09, 09, 09, 11, 09 w/ 2 min/400m jog. My quad is still a bit funny. Icing as I type.

9/4 Wednesday

An Easy 8 on the Skokie Valley Line Trail 8.01 mi / 01:00
Just needed to get some recovery miles in after back to back quality days and a big quality workout on Thursday.

9/5 Thursday

3 x 3 mile on the Lakefront Path 17.41 mi / 01:57
Glad to have Kyle and On Running's Mark Wehrman for this one. Ended up running right at marathon goal pace: 17:04 (2.96 mi), 17:06 (3.00), 17:02 (3.04). Basically started at 5:45 and cut down to 5:40 then 5:35 for the last one. Felt great the whole time with the exception of the last mile of the last rep. Came through 2 miles in ~11:37 and needed to drop a 5:20 or so to get the 17:00 I wanted. ~1 mile jog between reps.

9/6 Friday

Easy 8.37 mi / 00:59
Up super late for staff meeting. I was crazy tired all day. Got it done. Tried to run easily in preparation for tomorrow's run with Fleet Feet Racing teammate, Cole Sanseverino and Mark W.

9/7 Saturday

Ready, Go 10! 17.9 mi
GPS cut out mid run. Cole got ~17.9 for the effort. Ran 5.92 in 39:09 then 7.8 in 45:50 (5:52) w/ 1 water break + Honey Stinger Classic Gel last ~2.35 about 5:55 pace in ~14:00 (forgot to split). Jogged from Castaways to Fleet Feet Sports Old Town.

9/8 Sunday

Easy 13.06 mi / 1:31
Met up with Fleet Feet Racing teammate, Emil Bojanov at LS then Verdo Gregory at Montrose. Some right hip soreness. Hopefully it clears up! Felt great otherwise though certainly tired that last mile.

Honestly I didn't really enjoy putting this post together. We'll see if I continue doing these training recaps... I have other ideas for posts that seem like they would be way more interesting.

Do you like reading training recaps?

Would you prefer to read training recaps presented in duration/effort format?


  1. I love reading training recaps (hence my obsession with Daily Mile) however, I think that there is a general and very serious under-appreciation for effort/intensity and duration (and total weekly volume in terms of time). I think A LOT of age-groupers, specifically newer distance runners tend to aim too high on mileage goals not realzing how relative these metrics are to each runner...if that makes sense...

    1. Having fallen into the mileage goal trap and corresponding injury cycle many times your comment certainly makes sense to me. In a desire to be more relevant to a larger segment of the population (age-groupers) I wanted to do these recaps in duration/effort. Doing it (in the format I was trying) was really boring so I'll have to figure out a way to do it so I don't drive myself nuts.