Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mile Race Pace (Training 1/27-2/2)

am - If I had gone to bed earlier/stay asleep longer I would have run outside in the morning, but since we were in the midst of "Polar Vortex 2" by midday I decided to treadmill.

pm - 70 minutes/"9 treadmill miles" with 30 minutes at tempo
20 minutes warm up at incline 2, 30 minutes tempo (9.8-10 mph) at incline 1, 20 minutes cool down at incline 1. It felt way harder than outside with good footing either that or I'm still pretty out of shape.

am - 2000 yards swimming in 45 minutes
Warm up (900 yards: 300, 3x100, 6x50) then 450, 250, 200, 100, 100.

pm - 6 miles
Wanted to test the leg with more back to back running days. Literally ran some errands after work. It was very cold and my stomach did not feel good.

pm - 7 miles (4x5:00 at ??)
Did 4x5:00 with 2:00 easy jogging with the Boston 365 crew. It was pretty quick. Tried to make sure I felt relaxed despite the quick pace (My guess is we were running about 5:20-30 pace for these). We probably should have had 1 minute more rest considering the pace we were running, but whatever.

am - 2000 yards swimming in 50 minutes
Aerobic maintenance. My typical post Wednesday workout swim to stay healthy and get some aerobic activity in.

pm - 6 treadmill miles
After talking to Brian L. after last night's workout, I decided to try to incorporate 1 mile total volume per week of running at Mile race pace. The reasoning is that you can't expect to be fast if you never run fast. I decided to try 8x200 at Mile RP on the treadmill.

I ended up putting the treadmill at incline 2 and 12 mph then running 40 seconds on 40 seconds off (yeah, I know not enough rest). I felt bad letting the belt run that long without running on it, but it would have been super annoying

In retrospect, this made my shin kind of sore.

pm - 2700 yards swimming in 1:05
300, 3x100, 6x50, 300, 3x100, 6x50, 300, 3x100 (flip turns!), 3x50 kick, 3x50 pull. Got in some extra swimming since I left work a bit early for the Transcend midnight run.

A bit concerned about soreness in the shin after last night's Mile RP shenanigans...

am - 3 miles very, very easy
Midnight run with 100+ people. It was a lot of fun, but made me super tired as I got fitful sleep then ran 12 with Boston 365.

am - 12.1 in 1:29
Ran with Kyle after locking the store up. Took a Huma gel at mile 3 and felt great. Footing was sketchy.

I was concerned my shin would bother me on this run but it was, surprisingly, totally fine.

REST (See concerns regarding shin soreness).

Didn't quite hit my goal of ~50 MPW running, but I'd rather run 45 MPW and stay healthy. Hoping a complete rest day will do the body some good.

What do/have you incorporated into your training to be FAST?

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  1. Your treadmill goes fast enough for mile pace?