Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zero to 60 (Training 2/3-2/9)

Typing in the date range for this post reminds me that I'm less than 30 days out from my season opener, the 3000m Run at the Illinois Club Relays on March 1st!

pm - 9.5 miles at 7:20 pace
Ran with Mark Wehrman for the first time in close to 2 months... Did 4 x strides between the tennis courts south of Addison. I thoroughly enjoyed this run. It felt neither to short nor too long.

Was happy to find my shin was feeling better after a complete day off on Sunday.

am/pm? - 6 miles at 8:00 pace
Was very tired and should have run further. I still use my shin as an excuse not to get in longer aerobic efforts. That said it is probably better to low ball the mileage still at this point. There is still more than 10 weeks of training before Boston!

pm - 7.98 miles at 6:46
The planned Boston 365 workout was 6-7 x 800m in the Zoo Lot, but with fresh snow on the ground we gave folks the option of running an easy 8 on the path or executing the prescribed effort. Since I am over slipping and sliding during workouts I opted for the easy 8.

Peter Mone and I were rolling in the middle miles as the path was pretty clear! Got down to around 6:10 pace.

am - 7.43 miles at 9:25 pace
I find it difficult to believe I was running this slow, but apparently I was. Ended up running 6-ish on the channel trail and then picking up my bag and running into work (work up late, haha).

pm - 2000 yards swimming in 50 minutes
Felt weird swimming for the first time this week. Pool was very warm.

pm - 8 miles at 6:57 pace
"Hammered." The trail was bone dry. Did 4 x pickups after the turnaround to get some faster running in for the week.

am - 17 miles at 6:56 pace
Ran with the B365 crew for 11.5 miles (at around 7:00-10 pace), then ran a mile north past the muddy section south of Fullerton and started my "Last 3 Go" at the fence post by the Theater. Wanted to start at 6:00 pace and cut down, but ended up running pretty evenly ~17:15 for 3 miles. Cooled down back to the store with Bess Ritter.

pm - 4 miles at 7:48
An easy shakeout. Couldn't resist the urge to get this run in to complete 60 miles of running in 7 days. Typical runner ethic. Leg is feeling good.

~8.5 hours - 60 miles running + 2000 yards swimming. Mission accomplished for the first 6 weeks of the year: safely ascended to 60 MPW!

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